This blog is my personal blog, its purpose is as a place to document things that I consider importantly related to my work or my life, and also as a place to channel my hobby to share by me. Please understand if sometimes the content is still not perfect. I am very open to receiving feedback from all colleagues. Do not hesitate to contact me, please use my contacts on social media or my email.

There are several reasons that make me more hooked to the preoccupation with the world of writing, even make it as a new hobby. Including also inspiring friends around me to do the same thing, although in the end some of them raced with consistency. In the beginning, I started to love writing because I wanted to share with others. In this case share the positive science I get, whatever it is. Either that has to do with the science being studied, as well as other new science I get when learning from many sources, whether it’s from books or creatures of the perfect god on earth. Well, who else if not other human beings. Unfortunately, if you have knowledge is not divided into the crowds. It’s not fun if only owned by yourself.

By writing, our senses are invited to focus on a single point. Invites us to solve one problem first before proceeding to the next problem. Teach us to be consistent in achieving what we want. Guiding us to sharpen all instincts and senses in order to interact with the universe. Like people who are meditating who just focus on one point and gather positive energy around.

Writing is a process of integrating with nature. Is it possible? Yes, of course! Writing can also make us come with nature. Because through writing, we are invited to see what is happening around us, listening to everything that happens, invites us to feel something real, and touch what we find so that the information given to others is completely valid. For example, as did the travelers. Where they feel, breathe, see, touch, and listen is used as material to turn on the story written through personal blogs. Its goal is to make the reader hypnotized and as if it were in the place told.

Many think that writing is a waste of time, making fingers curling, tired, boring, needing high-level techniques like those with doctorate or professors, is also not clear the future. In fact, it is not uncommon to give a stamp that the activity can only be done by certain groups only. In fact, if these people want to be aware, writing can also be a promising investment. Not just for now, but can also be used as one of the future investment. So not only gold, property, and money that can be used as a future investment. In this blog, I share a lot of information that may be useful to you.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog, hopefully little I can share on this blog can be useful for you all.